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Bodegas Josede, the first wine to obtain the Aquafides Water Footprint Certification.

Recently Vinos Josede  was positioned as the first Spanish wine to obtain the Water Footprint certification.

This wine comes from rainfed free-standing vineyards that are more than a century old, cultivated  at 800 m. of altitude. The production process is controlled at all times, but directed to the natural course of the process, with minimal intervention, to achieve a unique and unrepeatable wine. Josede wine can be found in supermarkets such as El Corte Inglés.

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The Aquafides Water Footprint certification implies responsible  use by the organization and a commitment to efficient water management.

Aquafides  not only certifies production models,  but also teaches certification courses  to spread all the concepts related to Water Footprint  and prepares auditors who can later certify it.

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