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We certify your Water Footprint, the indicator that allows you to quantify the volume of water used to produce a good or service.


Join the transparent companies.

Aquafides is the only company that certifies your Water Footprint, thus quantifying the efficiency of your production under the criteria of sustainability and efficiency.

Be more competitive while actively collaborating in the common goal of achieving a fairer and more sustainable world: add value to your business and differentiate yourself from the rest.

What are the advantages of having the Water Footprint certificate?

Use water efficiently

Water is a scarce and valuable resource: without water there is no life or food.

Be more

Our certification allows you to quantify, understand and act. It establishes the basis for efficient water management: reduce your water consumption and minimize expenses.

Empathize with your customers

Make your products or services respectful of the environment. Increasingly, consumers demand a commitment from companies.


Join efforts to improve our planet and our society. Let’s join the common good by working on Corporate Social Responsibility.

"Let's make better use of our planet's water by calculating our Water Footprint."

The value of water: get your Aquafides certificate and act.

Water is indispensable for life and for the proper functioning of the planet.

Knowing the Water Footprint of your company or organization will give you a global vision of your consumption and allow you to make decisions about it.

Also discover what benefits it can bring to the planet, people and companies to achieve the Aquafides certification.

News and novelties about Aquafides and the Water Footprint.

Articles of interest on Aquafides and water management.

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