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Water Footprint

The Water Footprint is an indicator that allows us to quantify the volume of water used for the production of a good or service.

Any good or service has a Water Footprint and therefore can be calculated and certified. We can calculate the Water Footprint of a person, a product, a brand, a supermarket, a farm, a region and even a country. It certifies vegetables, a brand of wine, a brand of juice or oil, or even an aquaculture production(activity aimed at breeding aquatic organisms in their environment)..

Yes, any product can be certified.

01. Contact Aquafides through our contact page, by email info@aquafides.orgor by phone+34 960 654 931, indicating that you are interested.

02. An auditor authorized by Aquafides will visit your organization, business or company and will guide you with the steps to follow to obtain the Water Footprint certification.

03. Compilation of the information and documentation required by the auditor by the audited company. During this process you will also have advice from Aquafides to solve possible doubts.

04. Training on the Water Footprint for all company or organization staff.

05. Evaluation and issuance of the Aquafides Water Footprint certificate. The Water Footprint certification is valid for three years. The Water Footprint certification is valid for three years.

The certification is valid for 3 years and is maintained through periodic annual reviews.


For each line of certification there is a committee of experts made up of technical, academic and professional staff who are in charge of establishing a protocol designed exclusively for each sector or specialty.

The title of auditor is valid indefinitely, provided that certain hours of experience and dedication to Water Footprint audits are justified in a period of three years.

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