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What benefits does it provide?


Benefits of having the Aquafides Water Footprint certificate.

With the certification of your Water Footprint, you will establish the basis for the efficient management of the water consumed by your company or organization. You will be able to make decisions and act based on data extracted by experts in each discipline, and in this way turn your business into an efficient, transparent and respectful business with the planet. But,how far do the benefits of managing your Water Footprint go?

For the planet

For people

For companies

Benefits of the Water Footprint.

For the planet.

Obtaining the Water Footprint is a very important starting point for companies to take responsibility for their water management, and thus be able to collaborate in the evolution towards a healthier and fairer world.

From an ecological point of view, human development has always been a serious problem for the planet. The growing demand for food and raw materials has brought the planet’s resources to a critical situation that worries organizations around the world, such as the European Union.

The UN, through different sustainable development regulations, asks all countries to act to protect the planet, as does the EU with its Water Framework Directive, which was born as a response to the need to unify actions in matters of country water management.

Aquafides fully supports regulations that aim at sustainable water management. Having the Water Footprint certification means a reduction in the consumption of the planet’s water resources, and its more sustainable and efficient use, which provides the following benefits:

Protection of natural ecosystems.

Water is essential for their survival.

Climate regulation.

Water acts as a regulation system and intervenes in climate and meteorology.

Less polluted waters.

If water pollution is reduced, it will contribute to sustaining ecosystems that depend on water

Benefits of the Water Footprint.

For the people.

Water is vital for the survival of any living thing, including humans. It is essential to cover basic needs: hydrate, obtain food and prevent diseases. By efficiently managing the use of water in companies and organizations, we can contribute, to a greater or lesser extent, in:

Access to drinking water for a decent life.

In the world, one in three do not have access to safe drinking water An act as common as "turning on the tap and drinking water" is far from being a reality in many homes. Let's protect our water resources and help water reach where it is most needed.

More efficient farming systems: more food for everyone.

Agriculture accounts for 70% of water withdrawals in the world, and it is estimated that by 2050, it will be necessary to increase production by 60% worldwide, and 100% more in depressed countries.

Fewer illnesses.

Water, or the lack of it, is closely linked to the spread of disease around the world. If we managed to have drinking water for all, we would live in a healthier world.

Help for the socio-economic development of poor countries.

Water is basic to promote the development of those countries that need it most.

Less polluted waters.

Let's do everything in our power to take care of the planet's water masses with more sustainable and environmentally friendly production systems.

Benefits of the Water Footprint.

For companies, businesses, and organizations.

To obtain any product or service, the consumption of water is unavoidable. And it is up to us to make this consumption as efficient as possible.


By obtaining the Water Footprint, companies and organizations can know in detail their production system in relation to their water consumption and management and, if they so decide, put in place the means to act in one direction or another.

What benefits can they obtain with the certification?

Get actively involved in the goal of a more sustainable, healthy and fair world.

Save costs.

Increase production.

Be more efficient.

Connect with people's concerns.



Empathize with customers.

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