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Course on Water Footprint and Aquafides Certification

The University Institute for Water Research and Environmental Sciences (IUACA) of the University of Alicante, once again, demonstrates its dedication and commitment to the scientific and technical research in the multidisciplinary field of water and environmental sciences. As always, among its objectives is the planning, promotion, realization and dissemination of research activities.

TheIUACAparticipates in the organization of the course on Water Footprint and Certification, together with Aquafides, that will take place next Monday, October 29.

The course will be taught by Doctor Agronomist Marco Antonio Oltra Cámara, CEO ofAquafides and expert in the calculation of the Water Footprint and Luis González García, Agronomist, auditor and environmental verifier.

The purpose of the course is to disclose the concepts related to the Water Footprint and the importance of its Certification. It will cover topics such as:

  • Types of Water Footprint: blue, green and gray.
  • Methodologies ofWater Footprint calculation:ISO 14046, Aquafides protocol and Water Footprint Network.
  • The relation between Water Footprint and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).
  • Benefits provided by the Certification.

The course is designed for all those professionals and companies that want to know the concepts of Water Footprint, its calculation, certification and applicable regulations. It is also recommended for managers of marketing, companiesand others related toCorporate Social Responsibility(CSR).

For more information about the course, click here.

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