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What is the Water Footprint?


At Aquafides we certify your Water Footprint.

The Water Footprint is the indicator that allows quantifying the volume of water used to produce a good or service.

At Aquafides we certify your Water Footprint. Any product or service is likely to have an Aquafides Water Footprint certification.

From a simple vegetable to a city: each good, service, organization or country has a Water Footprint and therefore can be calculated by Aquafides. In all sectors of society, when purchasing a good or service, more and more importance is given to how and why, and not so much to how much.

This means that when making a purchase, be it a simple apple or a plane trip, the consumer will also take into account in many cases what cost it has meant for the planet and for people to create that product. Commercial and business structures are reorganized to be more efficient, more sustainable and more respectful, thus adapting to the demands of their customers, but also in many cases with the desire to be an active part of this common evolution.

Will you join the change?

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