Process and types of certifications.


Water Footprint certification process.

At Aquafides we certify the production model of your company or organization from the point of view of the use of water resources. This certification is valid for three years if the annual periodic audits are passed.

To do this, we use protocols developed by committees of experts in which prestigious Universities (University of Alicante and Polytechnic University of Valencia) participate, based on the sustainability criteria of the Water Footprint for the certification of each production process.

Steps to follow

How can a company achieve certification?

01. Contact Aquafides through our contacto, by email or by phone +34 960 654 931, indicating that you are interested.

02. An auditor authorized by Aquafides will visit your organization, business or company and will guide you through the steps necesarry to obtain the Water Footprint certification.

03. Compilation of the information and documentation required by the auditor by the audited company. During this process you will also have advice from Aquafides to solve possible doubts.

04. Training on the Water Footprint for all company or organization staff.

05. Evaluation and issuance of the Aquafides Water Footprint certificate. he Water Footprint certification is valid for three years.

Types of certifications.

Aquafides issues two different types of certificates: Production System certification and Supply Chain certification.

The different types of certificates are related to the different stages of production and where the product sits in its production/distribution chain. The verification of compliance with the Aquafides requirements guarantees that the products and the preparations made from them come from crops where the water is managed responsibly.

01. Production systems.

The Production System certificate is granted to owners or managers of farms, companies or organizations that produce food, goods or services.

02. Supply chain.

The Supply Chain certificate is granted to distributors of products obtained or made from raw materials certified by Aquafides, such as supermarket chains.

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